Locative Art in Structuralism, Minimalism, Conseptualism, Immersion and Representation.

Locative immersion:

Crea Composite: Nuit Blanche Bruxelles

Anti – vj


They mix Reality with fiction in a way that they overlap and influence eachother. The biulding is immersed in a composition/story.

Locative Art in Conseptualism:

Wim Delvoy.

1996 http://www.wimdelvoye.be/photography.php#

Locative art in Structuralism:

Knowbotic Research. 10_dencies.

‘An interface to the urban machine like the ’10_dencies” project forms

a point of discontinuity in the city’s surface, it is both a point of

presence and expression. The site of agency is both absent and

present. The subject becomes visible as a potencial in the process of

transformation. Its presence is not necessarily manifestated as a

physical visibility, but through the perceivability of actions.’

(Broekmann in knowbotic reasearch 1997 : 30) “Virtual Theaters an introduction” Door Gabriella Giannachi
no video..

Knowbotic Research

Locative art in Minimalism:

Gregor schneider.

Started in 1985.

He renovated his house, by placing walls, just like the wall there was, in front of it. Often with sheets of lead in between for the sound isnulation. By repeating this prosses, the rooms bocomes almost like a dead room. If you enter the house, you can feel the walls pressing on you.


(He later rebuilded it in galeries)

Locative representation:

Sistine chappel

Michel angelo 1508-1512


Guillermo, Habucuc Vargas,

http://guillermohabacucvargas.blogspot.com/ 2008?

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